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Published: 12th August 2009
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By default mozilla firefox 3.x has been providing download facilities manager. So that we install with no add on as flashgot, downthemall, etc. is not a problem. Firefox default download manager features pause and resume downloads, so that we can stop the activity while downloading, then close firefox, and turn off the computer. Once again the computer, we can still continue to download the broken line.

Different results when the download because something suddenly lost (failed), because the connection can be a sudden down, the network is lost, or died of sudden that does not enable us to press the pause button on the download manager. If the situation so the resume button firefox will not work, we would not want to have to download from the beginning (start from scratch). If we download a file that is small is not a problem, another story if we are to download an ISO file size is 2.5 GB (for example) and we get a new 1.2 GB lost. If you need to download from the beginning of the course will also remove the time and bandwidth quota (for internet users subscribed limited)

There are a quite easy way to forward the results of failed download before, namely to use wget. Wget is a free utility used to download files from a web that has been available by default in linux. Wget is a non-interactive download, which allows us to download in the background without requiring us to login. To me-resume failed downloads is easy enough. By default firefox download manager will create a file ending. Part when the download is running. Name the file with the name of the file we are downloading, just back in flexion or extension (. Part). Rename the file. Part is the original (get rid of the extension. His part)

Example: eeebuntu-3.0-standar.iso.part rename a eeebuntu-3.0-standar.iso

After the rename, open the console (terminal), navigate to the directory where the files that we download saved. Use the-c option (for downloading) to continue downloading

Wget will forward the file that we downloaded earlier (plus sign + indicates that we have downloaded). For users of Windows Operating System, can also use wget this

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