Role of IT in Guidance and Counseling

Published: 07th September 2009
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The development of information technology, especially computer much alive and changing patterns of global lifestyles. And naturally also change both in social habits, friends, at work, school or in the family. This is especially felt the impact in which the behavior and habits that had never happened now we can read in the media, we watch through the TV screen and we see in our lives everyday.

Not until there, in education, for example, patterns and lifestyle we have been able to feel in our students association, which was quiet now changed so cheerful, who was shy now transformed into a brave and so forth. This means that habits and lifestyles of students has begun to change. This could have positive impact and can also have a negative impact depends on how we direct them.

Exploiting IT

The use of computer technology, especially information has now become a compulsory subject in schools, starting primary school up to high school and vocational school. However the most impact is in the Universities, in which almost all universities in Indonesia are already using this technology in the lecture, either through face to face or by pnline. For example, a lecturer in presenting the material does not just rely on conventional media, but is using technology elements in it. Usually a professor or teacher in a particular PT in delivering lecture material presented in the form of a slide presentation with the help of computers. With this technology, students, or students can follow the subject very well, because the material presented in addition to containing material that weighs also contains multimedia elements can be entertaining. Where the computer-assisted multimedia projector connected to a professor does not need to press a keyboard button or the keyboard but just press the remote control in his hand.

In developed countries and in some developing countries where the level of education was good enough to say, the application of high technology is already running more than 20 Talu. While in Indonesia just a few short years since starting the network technology known and applied as one of the subject matter in secondary vocational schools (SMK) several years ago and to high school with the introduction of competency-based curriculum (KBK). With this technology, a lecturer or teacher in presenting material not only in the form of face to face alone, but had to use various communications media, combined with networking technologies, such as Intranet and Internet.

With network technology are not only a course or field of study that can only take advantage of this high technology, but most of the learning process, including BK (Guidance Counseling) or Career Guidance can take advantage of this high technology.

As we all know that the current BK has not said material, so that not all schools in Indonesia provides sufficient hours to this BK materials, for various reasons. Thus, if the unavailability of sufficient time the role of BK Teachers will work? Anyone would have said no. In any case, if the time available is not enough or not fit as expected, so do not expect what you delivered to its target. Therefore, the role of technologically able to answer the lack of time.

Intranet and Internet

As has been communicated in advance that the development of information technology, especially technology is very influential in the education world, including BK (guidance and counseling). Communication between teachers and students can be done with various media available today such as telephone, Internet, Intranet and others. With so many low-cost technologies and began widely used as a medium of communication between students and teachers or between teachers with the students is the use of e-mail. E-mail is one of the existing facilities on the Internet that are cheaper and can be used for sharing information, submit material, and so on. Actually, almost all current college or school has installed a LAN (Local Area Network) because it has become compulsory subjects in the KBK and Telephone as communication media, then this medium could be applied as a powerful communication medium school or campus environment.

Terpasangnya with the network already, we are able to install or set up Web-based computer network, namely the Intranet and Internet. Intranet is a Web-based computer network that is only displayed locally by utilizing the LAN (Local Area Network). While the Internet is a Web-based computer network by utilizing the global network.

In a computer network should be available at least one server and several clients. Simply Servers is a set of traffic data in a network while the client is receiving data. This is almost similar to the interaction between counselor and client that does not rely on face-to-face relationships, but done by using the media of computer networks.

As we all know now there is the term Cyberspace, Cybermedia, CyberMall, Cybercounseling and so on. With this term as if we are dealing with cyber-paced world, when in fact it is not so, indeed if the media is just a website it may be said to be the virtual world, but now can be done directly interact with technology using Messenger, MIRC, and so on. Even with Microsoft Messenger or Yahoo Messenger you can be sharing applications, sharing files, sharing documents, and so on.

How are counselors?

A counselor with the Internet can communicate with in this clientnya students anytime and anywhere. We have the internet technology is not new and not something to fear, let alone should be avoided. Because with this technology we can easily communicate with anyone, anytime, and not bound by space and time. So that the process of counseling can be done anytime and anywhere, thus sorang students could be comfortable if the consultation is carried out through this inernet network, because it might not feel uncomfortable and afraid known by others. Thus the process of interaction between counselor and client will feel more intimate and off with no load.


With the technology, especially computer networks both Intranet and Internet teaching and learning process, the process of interaction between counselor and client can be done anytime and anywhere without being limited space and time. Thus the role of high technology in education, especially Guidance and Counseling is required to obtain the appropriate results and maximum. In spite of it all is a counselor in this case Professor BK (Guidance and Counseling) is ready with this technology? If you're ready then when else if not starting now, because many facilities, materials and so we can get these melali cyberspace.

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