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Published: 22nd October 2009
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RemoteApp and Desktop Connections is a feature that you can use to access programs and desktops (remote computers and virtual computers) provided to all users in a network by the network administrator of your work environment.

Actually, this facility is not new, because previously in Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services and facilities are also already available since Windows 2000 Server was introduced several years ago. However, RemotApp and Desktop Connection in the new desktop operating system in Windows 7 facilities provided. Indeed in the Windows version of the old, like in Windows XP or Windows Vista of this facility can also be used, only the course must be installed separately, so different from that Windows 7 which already include this feature in it.

Facilities RemoteApp and Desktop Connections are very useful when you work from home, you can access all computer programs and, of course there is a computer that you place or other location, because with this facility you can run Web-based applications. For example, you will access the data on the resources located in one of the computers in your office. Then using this facility you will work almost the same as if they were on your local network or on your computer.

Before you use this facility you must already have a Account in Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2, you therefore have to check the network administrator at your place of work, whether the account has been published or not. Your network administrator will notify you when resources are available and will give you a specific file or URL used to set up the connection.

If you have an account on the server, it can immediately run RemoteApp and Desktop Connection, the way of the desktop Windows 7 you click the Start button, then click Control Panel. After that you can sangsung click RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. After that, enter the URL address to run the facility. After that you can work directly online.

Keep in mind, Remote Desktop Connections with Desktop Connections RemteApp very different. Where's the Remote Desktop Connection facility your overall remote from your remote computer. While you RemoteApp Desktop Connections remote only existing applications on the server. And of course the previous server have been installed to complete the facility with the URL and you should only use or carry emergency facility in your computer desktop, from anywhere, because this facility on the browser path.

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