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Published: 25th July 2009
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Microsoft will bring back a modern office applications called Microsoft Office 2010 with the sophisticated capabilities of various assets. On this newest series of Microsoft Office to bring a variety of new features and capabilities that are not owned by the family earlier Office versions, from the display, icons, menus, ribon, and so forth. The main applications that are prepared at this time will be the application of this office in the future.

As with previous versions, Microsoft Office 2010 does not come alone, there are Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, Microsoft Access 2010, Microsoft Publisher 2010, Office and others. In this first part I will give a little explanation about the installation process and the emphasis on new facilities named Ribbon.

System Requirements

Microsoft Office 2010 can be used with both the operating system Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 208. So to run Office 2010 you must follow the terms of the system or the second requirement is the operating system. But if you still use Windows 2000 or below you should intention to install Microsoft Office 2010, because you will be disappointed and this powerful application will not be used. As the picture below I show the system specifications required Microsoft Office 2010.

Installation Process

The Microsoft Office 2010 installation is very easy, first you need to do is enter the master Microsoft Office 2010 in DVD format, then let the computer work to display the option to install.
The installation is not difficult, because you will be more you press the Next button to continue the installation process. So in this case the installation work is not something which is difficult because it can be done by anyone and does not require special expertise.

After the installation is finished executed, the next you try to run an application that is, for example, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010 or Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. After running a computer application is an application that will display the statement is executed to run all the applications in Microsoft Office 2010 family must be activated or diregister only to Microsoft. Activation process without the application or program you can not be used because there is always a time to do the activation. For that after the installation process carried out as soon as you finish Activate Microsoft Office 2010 is.

One difference is that means that the Ribbon is a more sophisticated menu with a relatively thin captivating. Microsoft since 2007, is leaving the option menu, as well as Office 2010. Ribbon in Office 2010 is a sophisticated facility that is not owned by any application at this time. Ribbon With this menu the user is no longer direpotkan with various menus and sub menus that are in an application. Ribbon is a new way to segment the menu in the toolbar. With this facility the user does not direpotkan again with the various text-based menu because the menu-the menu are grouped in the toolbar icons as beautiful and powerful.

Excess Ribbon menu is that each menu can be accessed with one click and does not need to have to go out the menu to find the necessary facilities. In addition, this facility Ribbon can be displayed or hidden by pressing the appropriate taste, or double-click on the tab menu for any hide. Similarly to the re-display the menu double click on one of the menu to display the icons back to there. Besides the user can click on the menu by pressing the CTRL and F1 keys simultaneously

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