Published: 31st July 2009
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With that information technology can significantly improve performance and enable a variety of activities can be performed quickly, precisely and accurately, so that it can increase productivity. To fill the various fields of business and business both in Indonesia and abroad related to information technology is very much needed human resources (Human Resources) is really powerful, and professional. Without the ability and skill that we both will not be able to compete with IT workers coming from other countries who go to the exchange of IT in Indonesia.


Prospect graduate field of IT (Information Technology) both MI (Management Information), SI (system information), Accounting and Computers in the next few years are still to be excellent. Field of information technology or other businesses that supported the implementation of information technology for the current and the future still get special attention from the government, because it is strategic for the development of the state and nation of Indonesia. Two important aspects in the development of business-related information technology infrastructure and is a Human Resources (HR). In addition to these two aspects are, in fact there are many other aspects such as education, financial and so forth. However, poor infrastructure and lack of human resources professionals in this field is the cause of slow development of the business and information technology in Indonesia.

If the IT graduates in Indonesia do not meet the requirements of the IT workforce is Professional? Then, when the planning, development and the creation of HR Professional IT is not implemented properly, the human resources crisis slowly but surely going to happen. Even with the cheapness and the growing global computer network (Internet), the exchange of labor increasingly open global. In addition, with the introduction of free trade such as AFTA which has been valid since 2003 years ago akan land increasingly threaten the work in the field of IT human resources in Indonesia if Indonesia does not IT graduates prepare well. A course such as India, Korena, China, Singapore, and others are able to penetrate the giant labor market IT Indonesia's future.

Preparing HR IT

Mushrooming and growing field in the field of IT, on the one hand is a disaster, but the other is opportunity. Indonesia, known as the sender of labor (TKI) to a foreign country now has the potential to send Skilled foreign workers to negari, and this is a great opportunity for the Indonesian workers. However, this opportunity must be because each country in the world also want to use this opportunity for increasing revenue or income for the country through the placement of IT workers overseas.

In fact since 1990 Indonesia did not stay silent in the face scarcity of human resources is IT. This is evidenced by growing suburnya different educational institutions both formal and non formal, from the LPK, Training Center, SMKTI, Academy, Polytechnic and the University Affairs and the private sector. Various departments from Engineering Information, Information Systems, Information Management, Computer Science, and so forth. Graduates of this IT in general produce a skilled Human Resources Information Technology products or IT users and skilled Human Resources is the product of Information Technology or IT producer

Education IT

Until now no less than 200 universities (PT) both public and private sector in Indonesia which have a course related to IT education for undergraduate, master, and doctoral. About 300 more to Diploma level III and IV, all of which are producing more than 25.000 graduates each year.

Among industry observers felt that the amount was very far from the actual needs of industry, which reaches approximately 500,000 graduates field of information technology each year. Even estimated for the year 2020 the number of university graduates in about 6 million people per year with the assumption of about 7% students take the IT discipline. In the UN, will produce graduates who can be divided in two groups, namely IT Workers, which is directly associated with IT expertise. Are IT-enabled Worker, as the IT users in accordance with the areas of expertise, such as economics, management, medicine, accounting, literature, law, and so forth.

Universities that produce graduates in the field of information technology is actually already a lot, but the quality of graduates can not say enough. In a discussion with a leading business software some time ago, universities in general, but the programmer has not been able to produce software engineers, and can not be more than 2 universities are able to produce a software engineer. Therefore, for most universities bebenah need to be able to produce graduates with the quality of the software engineer. Indonesia is still a degree more than the ability, therefore, thought this should begin as abandoned, because the degree is not everything, but the ability and more useful than the main title is.

Although the volume of formal education such as graduate Diploma II, III Diploma, Bachelor (S1), and Master (S2) is quite large, but we still need a lot of Human Resources a reliable and professional. However, IT graduates in India are still far from the expected power to compete with foreign IT graduates, the education that is needed is more professional. Because in the world of IT is not necessary that a degree course, but the ability or skill.

Beraing opportunities in Global Markets

Structure of the industry, user type, and products / services in the global domain market is not far different from the domestic market. Which significantly distinguishes them is the requirement standard of knowledge, competence, expertise and Human Resources and quality of products or services produced.

Currently, most companies in Indonesia, using a software package ready to use applications made by big companies like Microsoft, Mac, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and so forth, and tailor-made (made by a foreign consultant company). However, the opportunity to develop still wide open, because the 100 best software products not only fill the more than 45% of total world market. The fact that this is the spur countries such as India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and others to provide services either in the form of making the application ready, and Customization of services.

Biggest challenges faced by professionals in software engineering is the ability to create software applications that meet the standards of quality international best practices. Business to be excellent in the software industry is currently outsourcing the making of software modules to the order of Asian countries. They send technical requirements and technical designnya, while making the program module is done in the company Asia. This is done not only to see that because labor is cheaper, but also more productive.

However, increased human resources competencies in the local efforts to meet international quality standards are often defined as it has international certification. Although it is not directly associated with the quality of formal education that has been held. In 2000 only titak less than 1.8 million professionals in the world who have obtained the certificate, such as MCP, MCSE, MCTS, MCSD, CNE, CNA, and others.

The only obstacle in the spur Indonesia to meet the professional criteria is the expensive cost of getting certification. Therefore, synergy in the need to solve the problem. Certification is an international capital to a significant degree on the side of scholarship, because the tender process often requires the availability of international professional certificate with a particular expertise.

Standard Certification

Basically, the provider of IT are higher (PT) field of informatics and Computers. According to Association of University Information

and Computers (Aptikom) IT graduates in India in 2005 no less than 20,000 people. Unfortunately only 10% could be merged by the industries that require IT staff. The problem is not only of the amount needed, but the important thing is the quality of the graduates according to the demand of industry.

The key to success in obtaining a job was not easy to reverse the hands, but must be seized with the seriousness and business since the start of learning. Apart from that there is also another trick, namely to obtain the certification held by international institutions, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Sisco, and others.

Rapid development of IT, and the technology does not completely lets formal education can quickly adopt the changes quickly. One of the key success seize job opportunities in IT field, in addition to the formal education, should also follow a non-formal training conducted by institutions of certification recognized internationally. For example to get a Microsoft certification, the candidate must follow the IT staff education and take an online exam in one of the training center is certified Microsoft CTEC (Certifiend Technical Eduation Center), or institutions that have internaasional for certification training center.

Manpower needs in IT

Estimated in 2010 needs of IT in Indonesia akan reached 327,813. From the results of the research IDC (International Data Center), revealed that in fact there are many job opportunities in the field of IT in Indonesia which is not yet tergarap. Meanwhile, the available market value reached U.S. $ 1.7 billion or 164 trillion rupiah. If you have the courage to menyebrang Malaysia opportunity far greater. Based on data issued by the institution leading the survey is estimated at up to 2015 will be available overseas 3.3 million jobs.

The needs of IT staff will be increased if the e-gouvernment and regional autonomy in line with regulations already started well. It can be all government institutions in Indonesia every year at least requires less energy as much as 5489 of IT, IT in this case, MI and Akunansi System. While the Cyber to the field for the media at this time no less than 1921 media, the media need an estimate of 21 IT experts, the whole job will be available as much as 40,341 people IT experts. Apart from that there are still other sectors that require IT staff, including insurance, multimedia, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, securities exchange, printing, agribusiness, exploration and so on.

IT Manpower Earnings

Salary of a beginner in the field of IT, around Rp. 900.000, - to Rp. 2.5 million per month. While that has been experienced can reach at least 7 to 10 million rupiah per month. While abroad, the salary of a employee in the IT field msuk in the beginners category ranged between U.S. $ 400 to U.S. $ 600 (3.6 million to 5.5 million monthly). While that is classified in the IT Professional obtain income of about U.S. $ 2000 to U.S. $ 2500 (18.2 million to 22.7 million) per month.

Similarly in Indonesia, for the Professional or Depelover was not cheap, for example, a software developer with experience in ASP for 5 years gajinya minimum of 5 million rupiah. For PHP developer based gajinya around Rp. 7 million / month. In conclusion, "degrees" IT people in Indonesia is high enough in the eyes of the employers with the other field workers.

Then the IT Director or Chief Information Officer (CIO) was ranked first with revenue ranging between Rp. 30 million to 80 million / month. In Indonesia, many are still in the level of IT Manager, according to the Salary Guide issued by Kelly Services, an IT Manager with experience in Indonesia, 5 - 7 years net income is not less than Rp. 11 to Rp. 20 million rupiah per month


The development of information technology is influenced by the ability of human resources in the information technology components, such as hardware and software computer, network system and telecommunications system that will be used to transfer data. The need for energy-based information technology is still increasing, this can be seen with many types of work that requires the ability in the field of information technology in various fields, also the number of capable human resources professional with both in the field of information technology is still small, if compared with the population of Indonesia .

Then a quite interesting development of IT, the award to those who are able in this field can be perceived with the revenue that can be quite good when compared with other workers. Therefore, the development of information technology is a challenge as well as opportunities for those who have the ability in this field. Apart from all that, improving the quality of human resource professional, a good infrastructure is the appropriate requirements to achieve the absolute level of success and success in the future.


In accordance with the development of the technology at this time, when we did not want to lag, the increase in the quality of human resources in the field of information technology should be enhanced. This is in accordance with the demands and development of information technology itself.

In addition to the increased human resources and IT infrastructure is adequate, also needed a national information technology framework that will establish the Indonesian people against the global market that can provide universal access to information to the general public fairly and equitably, improve the coordination and optimal use of information, improve efficiency and productivity, improve quality and quantity of human resources, improve the utilization of information technology infrastructure, including the implementation of laws and regulations that support and encourage economic growth by utilizing the development of information technology.

In the era of free trade at this time, known as the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) in the applicable official since 2003 ago. This is one of the current reality of globalization is increasingly evident. Integrated national economy with regional and global economy such as AFTA, APEC, WTO / GATT that can not be avoided, resources including human beings. Like or not like, want or do not want, this fact must be faced.

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