Opera Mini 4, a powerful browser for Ponsel

Published: 12th August 2009
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Currently, the development of the Internet, including the more advanced browser. To be able to always connect to the Internet is easy and inexpensive. Technology-based phone has CDMA and GSM support. The more mobile phone technology is now mengusungnya. No need to phone selangit valuable to be able ngenet with a mobile phone. Phone bean class can. For the purpose of reaching (browsing) use the phone normally in every mobile phone has been equipped with the software of (browser) default. Looks simple and seems seadaanya. The default browser for low end mobile phone class, usually only used for convenient access to WAP sites only, if you access the site http akan overwhelmed (looks perplexed).

Opera Mini is one of the famous software powerful. Start from the beginning until the version with the version 4 (latest) the addition of various features. Various functions have been added in this latest version, which are:

View Pages in Landscape Mode

With this feature, you can chop (browsing) with landscape mode, so that the display on the screen is wider and more comfortable when reading a page. Mobile phone screen is generally rectangular-shaped stand, so that page views to the sweep down and become smaller. However, with the landscape position (rectangle lie) web pages can be seen larger. To change to landscape mode can be done quickly by pressing the star button (*) and hit a fence (#).

Give Your Phone A Mouse

In the version of Opera Mini 4 is equipped with a virtual mouse. With the cursor, page navigation more comfortable and faster. Movement of the cursor to the page that dituju, and then click to zoom into the page. Navigating the cursor can be done with the joystick pad (for the mobile phone is the joystick pad) or the navigation keys 2, 4, 6, 8 to move the cursor vertically and horizontally, and 5 for the button click (zoom).

Mobile View
In addition to full page views, Opera Mini 4 also has a mobile view facility, which serves to adjust the display screen with the phone that we have, so it does not need to replace (scrool) to the side. This feature is useful for the mobile phone that has a small screen.

Faster Loading
Opera Mini 4 load pages faster than 2x with other browsers, as Opera Mini 4 mengkompres data before we are sent to the mobile phone. So that the content (content page) can appear more quickly. This is quite useful to use a GPRS-based access time.

Auto-Sized for Your Phone Screen

Opera Mini will automatically change the size of the text and images that are tailored to the size of our mobile phone screen, so the more comfortable because they do not see the need to move the cursor (scrolling) redundant.

CSS Support

Opera Mini different from the previous, version 4 is already supporting the view with CSS, so that web pages feel more fresh and alive.

To get the software of this, can visit http://operamini.com with both of the computer or with of the phone. Of this we can get the price of zero rupiah, aka free.

So no need to have expensive mobile phone only if you want to use a mobile phone ngenet. Keep browsing ..

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